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Our Community

Our Community

In Latin, Pago literally translates to community.  At Pago Yoga we're creating a community dedicated to our practice through the practice of love. Our mission is to erase the stigma of mental illness and ensure no child faces mental health challenges alone.

What does the Pago community look like, you ask? Our community is made up of great people doing great things. It's made up of our customers who purchase our mats (8% of every dollar goes to fund therapeutic yoga programs for children, families and caregivers living with anxiety, depression, social-emotional disabilities and similar profiles) It's made up of our growing list of ambassadors that help spread our message. Our partner studios who host events. Our trained yoga teachers who teach community classes. And it's made up of world class Yoga and Mental Health Organizations like Hands to Heart Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

Since 2014, Susan Lovett, founder of the non-profit organization,  and her 100-or-so volunteer instructors have provided more than 3000 free yoga courses  at over 35 locations in the Greater Boston area, among them the Frederick School, the Grove Hall Community Center, the Roxbury Y, and Boston branch libraries. The classes have included Curvy Yoga for Women, Kids Yoga, Family Yoga, Yoga as Trauma Support, Adult Yoga, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga en Espanol, and Yoga for Students with Special Needs. All classes are provided free of charge for people living with addiction, poverty and trauma.

The Pago community is a special place. Thank so much for joining. We're glad your here.

Practice well.


Jeff Michaelson

Founder, Pago Yoga 


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