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Our Story

Our Story


Pago Yoga represents the collision of my personal and professional world for the past 20 years.  I've seen firsthand the chaos and uncertainty that having family members living with mental health challenges can bring.

From trying various tools to deal with these challenges, to finding the right people or organizations who can help, it can certainly be a frustrating process for everyone involved. At the end of the day, you want your loved one to receive the best support they possibly can.

On the journey of dealing with mental health challenges in my own family, I was introduced to the healing power of yoga. The practice of yoga invites a sense of calm and clarity – offering the opportunity to care for ourselves and provide support to those around us. A regular practice teaches us tools we can come back to time and time again to aid our mental and physical well-being.

These two worlds of mine seemed to have the potential to work hand-in-hand: Help those facing mental health challenges by supporting them with holistic solutions such as yoga.

Thus, Pago Yoga was born. We created a high quality yoga mat designed for support, durability and performance, and partnered with leading mental health non-profit organizations. 8% of each yoga mat sale is donated to support therapeutic yoga programs, education and resources for children and teens living with mental illness.

Our mats are an embodiment of our mission, and Pago is a community dedicated to practicing yoga with love.

We hope you join us- we can’t do this without you.

 Practice well,

- Jeff

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