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Yoga Practice, As a Family

Yoga Practice, As a Family

Yoga is a way to manage and improve familial wellbeing whether you have one, many or no members of your family suffering from mental health issues. For any family to function healthily, there needs to be a constant sensitivity to each others’ ever-changing emotional health. Especially if your family is dealing with any mental health disorders, cultivating an individual and group yoga practice has the ability to bring peace and alignment during times of stress.

Benefits of yoga for the family:

  • Stress management + regulation of emotions
  • Promotion of the mind-body connection
  • Development of healthy habits
  • Creating familial connection
  • Understanding of one another and one another’s feelings
  • Overall better sleep
  • Boost in the immune + digestive systems

How to implement family yoga practice:

  • Set aside a day of the week or even a time, daily, where the family respects the practice and encourages collective or individual time
  • Talk about the benefits together, to bolster interest and excitement about the impact
  • Keep books around the house that inform and educate your family about mindfulness and collective care of themselves through yoga
  • Be consistent and make it a sacred ritual within your family routine

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