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Inspired by Amethyst crystals, the soothing color pallet of our Awake yoga mat encourages groundedness and calm. We hope this brilliant reproduction of our original hand-painted design brings another level of peace and tranquility to your practice.

Your purchase makes a difference.

You make it possible for us to share the practice of yoga with a child in need. We commit 8% of every sale to enable therapeutic yoga programs, education and support resources for children and young adults living with mental health and social emotional challenges.

Designed with love, our mats are ultra durable with dual layer construction and are skid proof. We create high performance, premium mats with maximum support, 5 mm density, high performance grip and hygienic closed-cell construction. Easy to clean, naturally resistant to cracking and hypoallergenic.

Sustainably made, our mats show love for the planet and love for your body, striking the perfect balance between firm stability and comfortable cushioning.

Manufactured in an emissions-free facility, our mats are PVC-free, latex-free, metal-free, phthalate-free and non-toxic.