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About Pago


Relax, take a seat, do a headstand if it feels right…whatever it takes to get comfy. At Pago, we value community, and we’re so glad you’re here.

Just as yoga is about so much more than the asana, our story is about so much more than a yoga mat. Pago is a brand with a purpose: to ensure that no child faces mental health challenges alone. Our mission—and our product line—are fueled by a passion for fostering a kinder, gentler, more holistic approach to managing mental health and by an effort to make mental health programming more accessible—and more effective— for the children who need it most.

While Pago offers all the performance features you might expect from a mat hailed as a leader in its industry [learn more about our construction here], it is our unique consumers who believe in our initiative, that set us apart. The Pago community—made up of people like you—is joined in a united goal to make a meaningful difference. For every Pago yoga mat sold, 8% goes directly to fund organizations that support our endeavor—and that gives us hope for brighter days ahead for thousands of children.

Join us as we not only practice balance between mind, body, and environment in our own lives, but also as we come together to help children of all ages to find a sense of harmony within themselves and a sense of belonging within our community.

Okay, you can come down from that headstand now…but we hope you’ll stay a while.